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BEKS is a specialist supplier of abrasives and associated products to industry. Our aim is to formulate the right abrasive product for our customers, a customer base as diverse as the engineering, woodworking, automotive, stone, aerospace, fabrication, marine and construction industries. 


Our high quality abrasive products that achieves the most desirable cost/performance benefits for you our customer.

Our high-quality products Advising on the safety benefits of branded regulatory abrasive products. All of our abrasive products used on power tools conform to the  Organisation  for Safety in Abrasives.


Our vision is to support the industry with the highest service level as well as supplying the most cost effective abrasive tools.


We, at BEKS team bring enthusiasm and dynamic spirit to the market with the best quality in a fair price and elevate our customer’s product quality & productivity.

Our customer base is worldwide. We invite your enquiry where ever your location. At Bwe know you have a choice of suppliers and we will strive to meet your product requirements and training needs.



Together with you, we can change the market.  




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